What is the best option for you when it comes to winterizing your pool?

One day, summer will finally decide to leave Columbia and we can start winterizing some pools! When it comes to covering your pool, there are two questions that need to answered by the pool owner, “What am I looking to accomplish with a cover and what is my budget?” Some pool owners don’t like the hassle  of dealing with those few weeks of Fall where their pool seems to fill up with pine needles and/or leaves seemingly overnight. Others have small children or pets and they worry about them falling into a cold pool and not being able to get out. Still others, just like to take a little “break” from their pool and don’t want to worry about it until it is warm enough to start thinking about swimming again.

So this bring us to the two options that Jack Oliver’s Pool, Spa and Patio recommends. The first is what the pool industry refers to as a traditional pool cover. It is a thick tarp-type like cover that is a little larger than your pool length and width. These covers are traditionally held in place with large water tubes that are stretched out in place once the cover is in place. This process is relatively inexpensive and can be handled by most pool owners. You can expect to have to purchase a sump pump to keep as much rain water off this type of cover to prevent it from becoming so heavy it might fall into the pool. Also, this cover will collapse under the weight of pets and people. The second option is a solid safety cover manufactured by Latham Pool Products. This cover is custom cut to fit your pool and is attached to grommets that are drilled into your pool deck. A solid safety cover allows you the convenience of shutting your pool down for the winter and not worrying about something falling into the pool. This cover will come with a sump pump provided by the manufacturer and any debris that builds up on the cover should be able to be removed with a blower.

Still not sure what direction you should go with you covering your pool? Call us or drop by the store and we can talk some more. We, of course, will come out and take some measurements for a free estimate on a cover.

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