Smart Water Care for Pools and Hot Tubs

We are proud to be a retail location for the NEW pHin water care testing. This simple to use device constantly monitors your pool or spa water chemistry and temperature 24/7. You then receive updates to your smartphone or tablet.

Not sure what to add? Well, the pHin system tells you exactly what to add how much to bring that pool or spa water back in to balance. Don’t have the chemicals you need? Simple, you just need swing by Jack Oliver’s Pool, Spa and Patio and let our water care experts get the supplies you need.

Healthy water is not only good for you and your swimmers, it is good the life of your pool or spa. Well balanced water helps maintain your pool/spa surface and equipment longer than pool/spa water that is not regularly checked and balanced.

The pHin system simplifies pool care. How much is your time worth when it comes to testing your pool water or bringing in a water sample for our experts to test? The pHin system retails for $299.99 and if you purchase a Poolife chemical package at the same time, we can offer you an instant $100 rebate on this exciting system.

Coming soon with the pHin system, you will soon be able to notify us if there is an equipment issue with your pool. Gone will be the days of picking up the phone to get a service call, you will soon be able to use your pHin app to notify us of an issue and schedule a service call.

Come by and see us at 3303 Forest Dr. and let’s talk about how to make taking care of your pool easier.

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